Game Details:
Fall 2019 10/2/2019 4:00 PM
  | Westford

Westford Academy


First HalfSecond HalfFirst Extra TimeSecond Extra TimePenalty ShootoutsTotalMVP
0 1 0 0 0 1
0 0 0 0 0 0

CCHS Women's JVB


Player Details
Away Player Pos G A Sh St O P E Y R Start
Emilia Bondesgaard Defense000000000Yes
Iola Chen Defense000000000Yes
Jenny Colbert Midfield000000000
Ava Dominguez Forward000000000
Maisie Farrow Midfield000000000
Emma Henschke Midfield000000000Yes
Avery Johnson Midfield000000000Yes
Clara Lewis Defense000000000Yes
Grace Maione Forward000000000Yes
Maddie Maione Defense000000000Yes
Alicia Moran Defense000000000
Elizabeth Walsh Midfield100000000Yes
Jackie White Midfield000000000Yes
Goalie Details
Away Goalie GA SA SV CP
Catherine Lilly 0000
Game Comments:
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