How To Properly Add News Articles & Announcements To Your Site
10/1/2018 10:47 AM
Adding News Articles & Announcements is a great way to market your program but it will also make your site look a lot better if done properly.


Announcements show up in red and are a good way to communicate with your program.  Every time you post an announcement you can set an expiration date for that announcement and it will disappear on that date.  You can choose to send the announcement via text/email as well.

News Articles:

News articles are a great way to archive your team's memories.  You can write your own news articles after each game and make sure to attach a photo to the news article as well.  If a news paper writes an articles about your team we strongly recommend just copying/pasting the article into your own news article and giving the author and news paper credit.  It looks a lot better than just providing the link to the news articles online.
News Comments & Questions
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