JVB and Lincoln-Sudbury battle to a draw
10/23/2018 2:15 AM
The JVB team and L-S battled to an intense draw against the backdrop of a crisp Fall evening under the lights at the Doug White turf field.  JVB carried play for the first 15 minutes, with shot attempts by Syd Durlach and Kiley Pietropaolo testing the stout L-S defensive line, which held firm.  L-S gradually found their footing, testing JVB goalie Sky Smith and sweepers Olivia Hughes and Sophie Van Orden and defensive wing stand-out Audrey Mirak.  JVB was stuck in its defensive half for much of the next 15 minutes before the midfielder, led by ball distributor Amanda Kiefer and attacking midfielders Katharine Richardson and Ana Forsberg, regained the initiative and reset the balance. 

The second half was a torrid affair.  L-S ramped up its attacks and could have gone ahead on two occasions.  The first was a ball that went off the crossbar and the second a shot cleared off the goal line by Kimmy Staniar.  JVB soon regained the initiative and found space along the right wing to launch multiple counters, including a blazing run by Liz Staniar all the way from midfield to goal, culminating in a shot that just sailed wide.  JVB had the last chance, with a well threaded pass by Quinn McIntyre to Caroline Allard creating a chance that was snuffed out by a quick L-S goalie coming off her line. 

Overall this was one of the more fun games of the season, setting the stage for the next three games over four days!      
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