Preseason Dates and Tryout Info 2022

Posted by CCHS Womens Soccer on Jun 03 2022 at 06:33AM PDT

Preseason Dates

Preseason officially begins at 9:00am on Monday, August 22nd. All players trying out for any of the three teams should be in attendance. All payers will be evaluated during three days of tryouts. First round placements will occur after the third day. Players selected will participate in a jamboree on Thursday after which final placements will be posted on the website.

Players making Varsity are expected to attend a team bonding trip in NH leaving Friday, September 2nd returning on Sunday, September 4th.

Tryout Information

All players are required to complete the beep test on the first day of tryouts unless they have completed and passed the test at the Target Clinc the week prior.
Varsity Standard is 94 (Completion of Level 10). Link to test –
Running back and forth between two points 22 yards apart, getting from one side to the other before the next beep.

Players will be required to do the 120 test and be measured for how many they can complete. End to End runs from one end of field to the other. (Upper turf fields). You have 20 seconds to make it down and 40 seconds to jog back with a 15 second rest before repeating. Varsity standard is to make it down and back 10 times in the allotted time. Players completing the test at Target and meeting the varsity standard of 10 will not have to repeat the test during the preseason.

Players will be evaluated on soccer skills, speed, decision making, aggressiveness, fitness and character. An effective team is made from good teammates. Some key criteria to making varsity besides coming to preseason fit and being a positive team member are: being aggressive in tackles and winning the ball, shooting skills and being a deceptive player. You must be able to demonstrate at least one deceptive in move in game situations so practice, practice, practice.

Players will also be measured on:

Push-ups – Varsity Standard = 10 quality push ups
Plank – Varsity Standard = hold for 2 minutes
Juggling – Varsity Standard = more that 60 using both feet

Being prepared is only something that will happen if you take action over the summer.


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