CCHS Varsity Women’s Soccer Fitness Requirements 2021 Season

Posted by CCHS Womens Soccer on Jul 13 2021 at 07:32PM PDT

1. Beep Test 90 or better

2. 120 Test – Full Field sprint down, jog back
20 seconds down, 40 seconds back & rest, repeat
Varsity Standard is to make it down and back in the allotted time 10 times down and back
3. 12 minute run, as many laps as you can

4. Push ups – Varsity Standard is 12 good ones

5. Elbow Plank – Varsity Standard is hold for 2 minutes

Not fitness but a requirement –

6. Juggling – Varsity Standard is 65 or more

If we take a player on varsity who hasn’t met the requirements, they will continue to do the tests weekly until coaching staff feels the player meets the fitness levels necessary for Varsity level play
The expectation is that all players will come into preseason fit and ready regardless of what level they are placed on. All players at all levels will be required to do the fitness tests but the above requirements are Varsity standards and are not requirements for placements on other levels.


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